Adult Acting Classes

If you’re thinking of acting for fun or to rekindle a life-long passion or youthful dream, this adult theatre course is for you. This class will introduce you to techniques that will help you gain confidence and feel more comfortable in front of an audience, including breathing, relaxation, concentration and more.

Absolute Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Classes are available.

In our acting classes, you will work both on improvisation and from text, explore your stage presence, and begin to master your voice and movements. By the end of the course, you will have learned many of the basic skills that actors use on a daily basis in theatre, film and television.

We keep group sizes small in order for the facilitator to give you a lot of individual feedback and to encourage an intimate, friendly and fun atmosphere in which you can learn and grow.

No experience is necessary but a willingness to participate and enjoy yourself is a MUST!

Course content includes: voice, stagecraft and presentation, improvisation, movement, monologues, auditions, etc.


6 thoughts on “Adult Acting Classes
    1. Hi Aine, classes are in Civic Trust House on Popes Quay in Cork city. That’s the red brick building beside st. Mary’s Church across the bridge from the Opera House. Let me know if you’ve any other questions.

  1. Hi there , when are the terms running? I’ve a voucher for one term and I would really want to use it but says starts on sept 18th and I will be away from sept 15th to October 11th

    1. Hi Serxio, yes the term starts on Sept 18th… you’d miss three classes but we can help you catch up with out any problem. The first term runs into January. You can email if you’ve any other questions!


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