What can you expect?

So taking on a new hobby or revisiting something from your childhood can be quite daunting but not to worry. Each class is specifically designed around the people that are in the class so for those who are trying this out for the very first time, everything will be done at your pace.

The Absolute Beginners classes will begin with introducing the idea of improvisation (acting based on instinct and no script) which will aid you in some of the more basic stage requirements. From that monologues (a piece of dialogue spoken by 1 person) and scripts (for the group) will be introduced.

In the case where there are learning/reading difficulties, we will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with the pace of the class while simultaneously working to find a format of learning that will suit the person’s ability.

Throughout the 27 weeks of the year, each person is equipped with the teachings of various theatre practitioners such as Boal, Brecht, Barba, Meyerhold, Stanislavski and Chekhov. This will be done through various techniques without having to deal with the theory of these great minds of theatre.

At the end of the year, each person will have a number of monologues in their repertoire, and will perform a long monologue together with  short play(s) with the rest of the group for an intimate first-time stage production in front of an invited audience of friends and family.

With the Intermediate and Advanced classes, students will continue their journey in theatre practise, while honing their performance skills for a full production of light theatre. Throughout the year, other projects including concert series, presenting works and smaller productions are included.

Any questions just email sinead@littleshoespr.com


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