Pointers on Picking a Monologue

Here are some pointers in picking a monologue

  • Make sure you really like it – you are going to be spending a lot of time with it.
  • Keep to your gender.
  • Keep to your age or thereabouts.
  • Make sure it is dramatic and there is a clear objective (Ie. The character wants something).
  • Be very wary of speeches that are descriptive and fall into the story-telling category (and are undramatic)
  • It should be clear from the speech what the context is, so avoid anything that is confusing to follow.
  • Choose something with an accent ONLY if you’re totally confident.
  • In the case of school/college auditions – make sure you have chosen classical and contemporary monologues as defined by the school for which you are auditioning – each school defines those terms slightly differently.

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