Private Classes

 This course will offer a range of private one on one classes giving an invaluable grounding in vital skills required for auditions and ongoing training. On completing the course participants will be armed for auditions with a polished classical and contemporary speech, as well as tips and techniques to remain relaxed and confident in audition situations.

General audition presentation, delivery, attitude and focus will be covered and the course will end with a mock audition session for drama school to practice the skills learned during the course. Experience in acting whilst not a necessity would be beneficial.

Areas Covered
Preparing Your Monologues

Sessions will focus on choice of monologues, delivery of same and making sure you’re ready for your audition for that big part or for third level entry with a well honed classical and contemporary monologue. We will then study the texts and ensure understanding of all objectives and actions along with rhythmical requirements. This will ensure your interpretation is fresh and honest while utilising your full potential. A focus on delivery to combat any bad habits of learning by rote will enhance performance skills. Learning about character development through investigation of the text and it’s context will also be a major focus while simultaneously working on physical movement and voice.

Preparing for your Audition

Preparation for your audition is essential in ensuring you reach your potential, working against nerves and being confident in an audition setting. We will work together on preparing for your specific audition and the individual requirements of the audition to ensure full preparation is achieved. From entering the room, who to deliver to and how to handle the whole experience, these sessions will ensure you are ready to bring your ‘A’ game.

All individual needs are catered to and so the sessions can be reworked to aid you in your specific areas of need – all you have to do is ask!

Individual sessions cost €30 per hour and a minimum of three sessions are advised.

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